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Frequently Asked Questions...

At Birkenhead Driving School we have the answer to the most Frequently Asked Questions...........

What type of car do we use?

At Birkenhead Driving School you can typically choose from Citroen DS3's, Peugeot 208's, Vauxhall Corsa's. Most UK driving schools currently use these cars for user driving training.

How many lessons will I need?

The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) recommend you take average 45 hours of professional driving tuition before test - this in addition to private practice. But everyone is different - some pupils learn and pass much faster and not everyone can get in some private practice. We recommend you do a 30 minute assessment lesson and we'll give you an estimate of how many lessons you need to get to test standard - and how much it's likely to cost. Why not book it now for £1.

How much is a regular weekly driving lesson?

Regular weekly lessons - which most pupils do - are charged at £25 per lesson - and you get a single lesson unlike some other driving schools. We'll pick you up and drop you off at home or work each lesson at no extra cost.

When do I pay?

Just pay as you go - or should that be pay as you learn. Pay each week - by cash or debit card.

How do I pay?

Just pay as you go - simply pay me in the car on each lesson - cash or debit card will be fine. If you are block booking to get the discount then cash or debit card to me at the time of booking is fine. You can pay by credit card via my PayPal account - just click this link.

can I do a crash course?

Yes - if you've got a Provisional Driving Licence and have already passed your DVSA Theory Test.   Important note:- we can't book your DVSA Practical Driving Test and the training days which are immediately before that test until you have passed the DVSA Theory Test.

How long will it take?

Usually between 3 to 5 training days - done immediately prior to your DVSA Practical Driving Test. The amount of time needed depends on pupil ability - so we MUST arrange an assessment lesson before we book test or training. Why not book it now - see our offer of your 1st 30 minute driving lesson for £1. The only delay in getting your licence is the current DVSA Test Centre waiting lists - average 5 weeks for the local test centres. Click on attached link and it'll give you the waiting list for a local DVSA Test Centre - Upton (Birkenhead).

How much is a crash course?

A crash course is by far the cheapest way to learn to drive. Crash course rate for training is from £455.  It's cheaper because we're based in the same location throughout each day. We'll pick you up and drop you off at home each day - so minimum travelling involved.

When do I pay?

Because all crash courses are pre-booked - the training days must immediately precede your pre-booked DVSA Practical Driving Test - book it here online - crash course fees are payable at the time of booking - that is after we have agreed the schedule based on your assessment lesson. Why not book it now - see our offer of your 1st driving lesson for £1.

Any other questions ........?

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency  will have the answer - see DVSA FAQs by clicking here.