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"just pay as you go"

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Special Offers...

At Birkenhead Driving School we have a number of special offers for new pupils...........

 30 minute assessment lesson for just £1

Birkenhead Driving School recommend an assessment lesson for any pupils considering a crash course - or any pupils who are nervous about giving driving lessons a try. No obligation - give it a go - if you enjoy the lesson and want to continue that's great - we'll pick a package to suit you. If not, no problem - but we've not lost anyone yet!! Your 30 minute assessment lesson just costs you £1- please note our first driving lesson and assessment lessons usually take 30 minutes - book it now  and you can pre-pay online by credit card via our PayPal account.

Regular weekly lessons - from just £23

Just pay as you go - or should that be pay as you learn! At Birkenhead Driving School we base all of our pricing on a standard 50 minute lesson - but we can be flexible and are happy to discuss terms for any lesson requirements you prefer. Whether it's a 30 minute assessment lesson or as part of your regular training you'll get the full lesson of training. Most pupils opt for this option - remember - after the 1st lesson you're on regular lesson rate.

Discounts for block bookings of 5 lessons or more

Single lessons are £25 but book 5 lessons or more and we'll get your lesson rate down to £23 per lesson - 5 lesson packages for £115 and 10 lesson packages for £230. Just pay at the time of booking - cash or debit card to me or use the online payment facility.

Crash course rate - overall the cheapest option

See details on crash courses page - your course rate for training is from £455. Are you eligible for this? - contact us if you want to discuss individual requirements

Pass Plus/Motorway lesson packages

You'll be driving to Manchester and into North Wales on these lessons - so costs a bit more - £30 per lesson. Pass Plus is about 6 hours - and a typical motorway refresher is about 3 hours. Just pay on the lesson or you can pre-pay online by credit card via our PayPal account.

Gift vouchers

An ideal Birthday or Christmas gift. We will prepare and send you high quality Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for all of the above lesson packages and offers - just contact us  for your specific order requirements.

How do I pay?

Just pay as you go - pay cash on each lesson or pay by debit card. You can pre-pay online by credit card via our PayPal account.

When do I pay?

Regular lessons - pay as you go. Crash courses or block bookings pay at time of booking. Again by cash, debit card or pre-pay online by credit card via our PayPal account.